Welcome, my name is Flora - Vibrational Alchemist

Spiritual  Healer/Teacher/Leader. 

If you have arrived here through The Ambience Center, know that it is my private studio where I host events that support personal, spiritual and business growth.  


I am a Shaman rooted through a lineage of ancient spiritual healers. Connecting to past, present and future ancestors for the Divine wisdom to heal the healers. I am here for those who are ready to embrace and upgrade their spiritual path.




    •    Ancestral Karma Healing

    •    Residential - Commercial Energy Clearing

    •    Aura Energy Clearing

    •    Reiki Master/Teacher

    •    Animal Reiki

    •    Chakradance

    •    Crystal Therapy

    •    Angelic Healings

    •    Shamanic Life Mentor

    •    Shamanic Soul Retrieval

    •    Drumming Circle Facilitator

    •    Shamanic Dance

    •    Vibrational Imprint Scan

    •    Shamanic Soul Invocation 

My knowledge allows me to meet people where they are on their journey.


I work with the wild open-hearted soul that is ready to immerse into becoming complete.

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Let Go to Grow

I invite you to explore self-love.

  • I invite you to step outside of your comfort zone and explore your authentic being. Let me be your guide to love yourself beyond the boundaries that have diminished your luminous being.

  • My intention is to hold a safe and comfortable space that will encourage personal and spiritual growth.

  • I welcome those who are sincere and ready to dedicate themselves to their divine purpose and embody their own individual rituals that will bring them into higher vibrations.



RSVP is required for events.

My sacred space is drug and alcohol-free. 

( I defuse essential oils and burn incense )

  •  NO talking when the event begins.

  • NO drugs/alcohol.

  • Turn off all phones BEFORE entering the space.

  • NO photos or videos are permitted without permission.

  • Remove your shoes, soft dance shoes ok.

  • Respect the space and the people in it.


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